Black Creek and the Pothole Caves of Lions Head

Tuesday found us back in the car driving; however, this was only a 10-minute drive west of Lion’s Head to a place called Black Creek Beach.
Not to be confused with the Black Creek area in GTA, this was a nice private beach with a dog section and a family section.
The quiet drive along the dirt road lead us to a parking lot and a small sign that said, Black Creek.

Eager to swim, the kids and I gathered up our snorkeling gear and ventured into the water only to find that the water was warm.
Up until this point in our trip, the water has been cold, but we would power through it.
For whatever reason this side of the peninsula the water was much warmer; not as clear but still worth it.

The sandy beach went out pretty far making it a good beach for kids; you would not have to worry about them getting too deep as there were several sandbars along the way out.

This tract of shore-land along Lake Huron, part of which is dominated by a beaver swamp, has a good beach for swimming.
Park Facilities and Activities A parking lot and toilets are the only visitor facilities.

Some of the kids made sand castles, and others were thrown about by the adults making a big splash in summer fun.

A quick break for lunch the trip saw us heading back to camp wanting more.

My two guys wanted to do a quick trip without some of the other families there, so we decided to power through the Lions Head Pothole trail. It took us just over an hour to complete the 5 kilometers track.

It was a nice day for a hike as we made our way to Lion’s Head Pot Hole Side Trail and the Giant’s Cauldron Side Trail to explore the Glacial outwash and eroded potholes that lie on top of the escarpment.

Knowing there was ice cream waiting for us back at camp we decided to call it a day and have another relaxing campfire.

You can find the trail here on ViewRanger

Clips of the Trail with commentary from my lovely daughter.