Devils Monument and the rocky beach

With the sun shining we decided to check my Bruce Trail mobile app and search for a cool trail to do with the kids. We found a spot with not too much details called Devils Monument

Finding our way to the Devil’s Monument side trail was an adventure in itself, heading down un paved country roads until we found our parking spot at the end of Borchardt Rd.

The main trail itself was one of the easiest on the trips, with only heading about a kilometer into the easily marked trail leading to a lookout.

Devil’s Monument, is a sea stack formed 5,500 years ago by glacial Lake Nipissing, an ancestor of Lake Huron when melt water covered most of the Bruce Peninsula.

However, this is where the trail can become more difficult. there are stairs that just lead off to some rocks so you can climb down to the base of devils monument, and if you leave the trail to the left you will be rewarded with a neat little waterfall.

Since I had it with me, I was excited to use my Sawyer mini water filter for the first time from the waterfall, very simple to use and worth the buy from ( )

Following the trail from the waterfall keep heading down the hill. You will pass through some thick brush and find yourself at a clear blue rocky beach

The super clear rocky beach is worth a swim and is probably the best thing about devils monument trail. It is a hidden beach that a short climb down from the monument itself. Only handful of people from the trail made their way to the beach.

We spent an hour or so swimming and snorkeling these waters and even some time building cairns with the rocks on the beach.
There was no way we were leaving without a rock skipping contests; the rocky beach supplied ample ammunition for our quest.

I saved the trail on my ViewRanger account, you can find it here

After the hike with 2 sleeping (under 3) kids and 2 looking for more (over 8) kids, we decided to split and go to the visitor’s center in Tobermory to check out the museum and of course we had to climb 65-foot lookout tower and nearby trails providing water access and views of Georgian Bay

More information about the lookout tower and the visitors center can be found off of the Bruce website.

No clips for this day as most of the footage was taken by a child and it shows.