Hidden Caves at Lion’s Head, and Sunken Ships in Tobermory

Saturday in Lion’s Head was met with the first local secrets of our trip being revealed to us.

The first of its secrets were revealed to us when I found that there was a >1KM loop along the Bruce Trail just at the end of Bruin St.

Our search for the loop had us lost, and we ended up staying on the main trail which leads from Bruin St to Chetwynd Ln, the only downside of this beautiful trail is it is next to inaccessible private beaches. However, when we started on the path there are a few no-camping signs and just in the distance, we found some wonderful caves.

With broken glass strewn about the caves, these are no secret. But they are also not on any attraction map or talked about by the locals.  I’m not sure if the reason is to keep people off the trail or to send them over to nearby Greig’s Caves instead where you have to pay to see some caves.

The afternoon called for a drive further north to Tobermory, as at 4 PM the large vessels are not allowed in Big Tub Harber any further making it safer for swimmers and snorkelers to make their way to the Sweepstakes, a local shipwreck.

My Adventurous daughter swam out to see the Sweepstakes with good friends. The boat itself is only 10 ft deep and about 50 yards out. The problem again is most of the beach is, is private which forces most people to buy the tickets for the glass bottom boat. This did not stop us from swimming the 680 meters from the lighthouse to the ship, and then back.

I am not the best of swimmers so I swam the lighthouse with my son.  We’ve had lots of practice swimming in cold water and the 20c/68f water at Tobermory was gorgeous.

As someone with a fear of heights snorkeling the lighthouse is very scary, as the water is extremely clear. I jumped into the water and stayed in an area where the rockiness only about 10 feet deep. Then with a small kick, i slowly floated over the edge to see the immense drop below.  This is a must try for anyone in the area.

The evening left us back at camp warming up by the campfire and searching for the Bayside Astronomy (sadly not run during our entire week there).