Spirit Rocks and Hidden Ships

Sunday morning had us craving for a hike, so we packed up the car and drove 30 minutes south to Wiarton Ontario. We parked at the end of Bayview st and began our hike along the Bruce trail towards the rusted spiral staircase leading up The Corran Ruins where the kids ran through holes and explored the old building.

Now on top of the escarpment, we made our way back the way we came but only to stop at Spirit Rock lookout before returning to Bayview St.

Ths 6.12-kilometer walk took us around two and a half hours, but we did stop on the return to snorkel the rocks in Colopy’s Bay along the trail for something fun to do and a way to cool off.

The kids said goodbye to my wife as she heads back home to get ready for the work week while the three of us headed back for more adventure.

Shortly after a small nap back at camp, we met a woman who was getting her Kayak ready to launch who informed us of local secrets. That 20 feet off the shore in Lion’s head is a shipwreck.

Up until that point, the only shipwrecks I knew about were the ones in Tobermory, and I’m not the best swimmer in the world.

We strapped on our snorkel and swam out to the wreck.

Rumor has it that during a storm in 1913 the Cyrenian (a schooner) was swept loose and blown across the harbor and it is still visible to this day.

The great thing about this wreck is its easy access for young kids to be able to swim to it, and the water in the harbor is so clear the wreck can also be seen from kayak or canoe

Tired from swimming and hiking, we made our way back to camp and made some hot dogs and steak.

The day was winding down to an end with campfire slowly dying as myself and my daughter sit in our camp chairs gazing up at the stars. To our luck, this was peak season for meteorites and in 20 minutes we saw at least 10 shootings stars each.

We climbed into bed, the end of a great day.

Until around 3 am when I awoke to go to the bathroom, the moon was out and massive. I awoke the kids one final time to sit outside and use the telescope to look at the moon. What an amazing site, I could actually see the ridges on top of mountains on the moon.